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Corporate Fees / Pre Employment

Pre-Employment Medicals have a different Fees structure to Medicare related medical examinations. 

At the time of booking Appointments for your pre-employment Medicals - we request that you email us a list of exactly what you require regarding the Medical. We also require a copy of your Company documentation in order for the Doctor to complete this during the consultation for each candidate. This eliminates any confusion.

We also require a contact Phone number, Fax, Email address and full Name if the person who is responsible for receiving and paying Invoices /Accounts - so they can be sent directly to this person.

As this is a privately Billing Clinic, we prefer that Accounts are settled on the day of the Consultation via Credit Card over the phone - or EFT transfer, with Remittance Advice emailed to the below email address.

We look forward to working with you and taking good care of your Employees.

If you should have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Practice Manager to discuss.

Pre – Employment Medical Fees are as follows:

Pre-Employment Medical: $ 220 
Standard Audio:  $ 110 
Spiro – Standard (Industry): $ 82.50 
Spiro – pre & post: $ 110 
Industry ECG: $ 110  

Lab – D&A – if required - is to be organized separately through Western Diagnostics: phone:  08 9192 3430

Musculoskeletal Assessments:

To be organised separately through Kimberley Physiotherapy: - phone 08 9193 5488 – located on Coghlan Street or through any other private Physiotherapists in town.

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